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Phillip Arroyo Long


​Phillip is a Cinematographer and 1st AC. His cinematography style is inspired largely by his Northern California upbringing alongside a scientific background. A bachelors degree in Physics from UC Irvine provides him a technical knowledge of light and optics as well as inspiration for his unique visual storytelling and attention to detail. He blends this with a passion for nature, opting to use natural light whenever possible and loves to trek into the outdoors for the perfect shot.

He is most interested in telling new and interesting stories from the fringes of society. Elevating diverse voices is core to his goals as a filmmaker and finds that the most interesting stories often come from those who aren't often given the stage to tell it. If the story is engaging, moving or exciting, he wants to tell it through the lens of a camera. 


I Stay Sharp so you can Focus on other things

Phillip works with all levels of cameras and accessories. With 4 years of professional AC experience under his belt and nearly 6 years of IT work, Phillip can troubleshoot and solve any problem in a timely manner to keep you running the set as efficiently as possible. 

Eyes in the Sky

With a DJI Mavic Pro 2 and a FAA Parts 107 Certification, Phillip is geared up for aerial photography anywhere.

Let's Work Together

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Phillip Arroyo Long

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